Cool Designer: Stone_Cold_Fox

     A couple of months ago, I found myself aimlessly tumblr scrolling.  While I was avoiding my AP work, I saw a photo of Candice Swanepoel wearing the most gorgeous tube top that I had ever seen. I searched endlessly for the designer but I had no luck. I wrote it off until a couple of weeks ago when I saw a similar tube top on Revolve. I found out that it was made by the same designer as Candice's. The label is called Stone_Cold_Fox and I am absolutely obsessed. I swore the label was Australian when I first visited their website. The Australian designers are kind of taking over. But I was wrong! The designers are about as American as me.  Aka very American. The girls behind the brand are the ultimate Cool Girls. I mean their names are Cydney and Dallas. That's cool.      
   What I love most about the clothing is that it is structured in the right places and flowy everywhere else. Boho designers tend to go overboard on flow. Flowy is effortless, but too much flow can be drowning. The tube tops are structured at the bust area which makes them crazy flattering and sexy. I am head over heels for Stone_Cold_Fox. Now I just need to pick up more shifts at work so I can buy all of their clothing.   
Candice Swanepoel and Lauren Paul clad in Stone_Cold_Fox looks:


Best 2014 Met Gala Moments

   Here in the U.S., we have many annual events that truly epitomize that Americana celebratory theme that we have carried through history. The Super Bowl, The Oscars, and The Victoria Secret Fashion show just to name a few.  As a lover of football, films, and lingerie models, I take all of these events very seriously.  But there is one event that prevails over all in my eyes, The Met Costume Gala. That is, unless the pats are playing that year (Sorry Anna Wintour, but not a chance). It is called the Oscars of fashion, so of course I am reviewing the best looks. Now let me break it down for you like an Aaron Carter music video.
Conscious Coupling
Pairs that looked their best with each other.  

Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds Whats gucci, Blake? Your dress, obviously! If I'm going to be honest, I think she could have done better. The silhouette of the dress is complete perfection, but the color/sequins is a little been there done that. None the less, she looks stunning. That smile is money.  Her hair and makeup was my favorite of the night. RR is looking right in that blue velvet suit.
Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield I actually think I went into cardiac arrest when I saw these two. Her Thakoon look is major. The tailoring, colors and shape are all perfect. He looks dapper as hell and I've decided that they can totally adopt me.
Gisele Bundchen and Tom Brady Did I mention I'm a Patriots fan? Tom terrific can just do no wrong. G looks gorgeous as per usual. As much as I like her Balenciaga frock, what I am obsessed with is her hair, makeup and jewelry. Those green drop earrings with her complexion are everything.
Kim Kardashian and Kanye West And the most improved award goes to! I mean it helps that she isn't eight months pregnant, but Kim K has stepped up her game since last time around.  The Lanvin satin gown is very true to the Charles James theme. The dress could have been tailored a bit off the bottom and I kind of really hate the shoes. Hair and makeup is amazing. Back to the dress, one word, Pockets! Kanye looks chic and I would expect nothing less. 

Pinky and The Reign 
Rose colored gowns that ruled the red carpet.

Suki Waterhouse It is a serious misfortune that whoever named this girl was not present for my birth because I have serious name envy.  I think this Burberry dress is stunning. I love the fit of the top bodice and the waterfall skirt. Imagine if her and Bradley actually got married and she took his name to be Suki Cooper. Not as chic, but just as funny.
Kate Bosworth I am in love with this dress. Stella McCartney can seriously do no wrong and she did not disappoint when it came to Kate. Google the back of this dress because it is breath taking.  The blush color and the lines of the dress are so beautiful. God bless you Beatle offspring, Stella McCartney.   
Rachel McAdams Simple never goes out of style, and this dress proved it.  The classic cut, classic color, and classic lines take this Ralph Lauren to a whole nother level.  Though, if I had to chose between this and the same color Calvin Klein that Rose Byrne wore to the Emmys, I'd pick Rose every time. 
Taylor Swift Say what you want about this girl but she knows how to dress for an occasion. Oscar De la Renta seemed to be the designer of the night. This pink satin ODR matches the Charles James theme to a tee. Although I love Tay in anything J. Mendel, the back of this dress and the embellishments are gorgeous. 
Whites and What Not
Ladies who made white sexy as ever.

Lily Donaldson These Burberry models are killing me tonight! Clad in Burberry, obviously, she looks incredible. Clean cut, color, and lines make me a happy girl .  Her jewels and side boob have me swooning. 
Diane Kruger Ok so this isn't white! It's ok. This is the what not to go with the whites. Diane Kruger could have stopped traffic with this gorgeous Jason Wu. I love the different textures that this dress plays with.  Her neckline is on point as well. Thank you Jason Wu. 
Rihanna Bad gal RiRi killed it as always. This Stella McCartney custom is insanely gorgeous. I don't know what to say other than this is a crop top shoulder pad Met moment to remember. Stella made RiRi a vixen in white. 
Victoria Beckham Vicky B in none other than Vicky B. This woman knows how to design the most amazing silhouette. I have never seen anyone look bad in a Victoria Beckham design. White is about clean and this look is about as clean and beautiful as it gets. Yes Bex!

Dress Code Rebels
White tie rejectors who still stunned.

Margot Robbie I know not a lot of people are going to agree with me, but I love this. Her look is Prada and it is chic.  I am obsessed with the intricacy and details of this dress. So what if it is not totally appropriate and everyone else hates it! I love it. 
Lupita N'yongo Prada you did it again goddamn it. Once again I am not going to have a lot of people who agree with me but I am in love with it. Yes it looks like a very expensive cat toy. That does not stop her from looking totally gorgeous. C'est très avant-garde.  Lupita is bringing the headband back this year. 
Beyoncé Yoncé and Givenchy are always a match made in heaven.  It is a little bit more funeral-esque than Charles James but wow. She looks incredible. The beads and cut are exquisite. I swear I think Riccardo Tisci was god's gift to me. 
Cara Delevingne Holy sh*t! I lost all air inside me when I saw this. Cara looked so beautiful. So hot. So chic. So not Charles James White tie.  Stella McCartney deserves major acclaim for all her looks last night. This fits her like a glove. Utter perfection. I think Miss Cara gets my best of the night.  


Accessories to Murder

   So Coachella is long gone. The hype is over and I can finally check Instagram (shameless plug: follow me @whatsacoolgirl) without seeing mass amounts of flower crowns and indian head dresses.  While I'm all for festival fashion, those are the two items I say Coachella no to. But instead of focussing on the accessories I am not a fan of, I decided to put a spotlight on the accessories that frequent Coachella which I will be sporting all season long.
  My best friend calls any pair of sunglasses with mirrored lenses, hater blockers.  Her reasoning for this is that the haters can't see your eyes and therefore into your soul. Obviously, I'd have to agree with her. Not only do I love these babies for their hater obstruction, but they are also chic as hell.  Hand me a pair of Illesteva mirrored sunnies and I will beam with confidence brighter than the sun I'm being protected from.    

    In all honesty, what does the term "Statement Necklace" offer to us? Absolutely nothing. A necklace that makes a statement? Whether we like it or not, everything we wear wear makes a statement. So because I couldn't find a name for these necklaces and we all know how I feel about "statement necklaces," I decided to coin my own term. Which is quite ironic because I am calling them Les counterfeit necklaces. This would obviously be due to the fact that they hang with fake coins.  How punny am I?  If the look you are going for is a chest decadent in silver jingle, then you can thank me later. All summer long I'll be clad in this look layered with other necklaces.  Chokers on Chokers, homies.


The Anatomy of My Dresser Top

      Here's some insight on me.  I am probably the messiest person I know. My room is a constant clutter. Even the producers of Hoarders would be alarmed (not really but I'm a girl, I exaggerate for a living.)  The one thing I try to keep to an immaculate level of clean is my dresser top.  Not only do I keep it clean, but I also keep it aesthetically appealing. I want some one to look at my dresser and unironically say "wow, what a cool girl." Comment below with any questions.


Cool Films: The Spectacular Now

The film's stars Shailene Woodly and Miles Teller

   The first movie I will be highlighting in this series is the indie film The Spectacular Now.  A couple months ago when I was forced to watch this movie, I was not expecting much. I thought I was going to be sitting through two hours of a twilight-y love story.  Blah.  Fortunately, I couldn't have been more wrong.  The Spectacular Now isn't a love story, it's a coming of age story that happens to feature "love."  
   I found this film to be extremely raw and real. Nothing was sugar coated. The movie puts the main character who is an alcoholic teenager in the most genuine light. The film lets you see the dark and selfish side of an alcoholic, just as much as it lets you see the innocent and helpless side.  Most viewers , who take the film for it's surface value, would argue that Sutter (Teller) is not selfish at all.  I absolutely agree that Sutter as a person is completely compassionate and selfless. But like all addicts, Sutter the alcoholic is "selfish". I use quotations because it isn't the person who is selfish, it's the disease. The part of the disease that is selfish is the part where the alcoholic thinks that he/she is the only one whom could possibly end up hurt. When in reality, anyone who loves the alcoholic has the potential to get hurt. This is why it is so important that love is featured in this film. Aimee (Woodly) loves Sutter the person.  But Aimee is fair game to feel pain through her love for Sutter the addict.  All of that aside, I love that Sutter's selfless side outshines his "selfishness."  It allows you to see Sutter through Aimee's eyes.  Even though Aimee cares about Sutter deeply, she can't see that he is hurting her and himself. It's certainly a case of blinding love.  Anyone who has known an alcoholic can see how true to the disease this story is.
  But its not just the addiction side, everything about the movie was real. I loved watching a high school love story, for lack of a better term, where the teenage boy was not a prince on a white horse. In fact he was a real jerk some times. I mean aren't all high school boys raging a-holes? (Sorry, is my seventeen year old girl showing?) Even the intimate scenes were real and awkward and not sexy at all! Seeing a film that was so true to the real teenager was refreshing to say the least. I applaud the director for not focusing on theatrics and letting the character development speak for itself.
   Sutter Keely is a modern day tragic hero, like Macbeth or Jay Gatsby.  Watching a teenage addict deteriorate from the inside out is kind of like a watching a car crash. Its hard to watch but you can't look away. I recommend this film to anyone who can appreciate a true depiction of teenagers.


Moment: Fringe

Emilio Pucci, Kate Moss x Topshop, Rita Ora in Roberto Cavalli, Derek Lam

      If I can be honest, fringe was a bit of a no no for a while in my eyes. Where does my hesitation towards fringe come from? Those bloody Minnetonka boots. I tried to appreciate them when Serena Van der Woodsen wore them, but by the time they graced the feet of every girl in my middle school I'd had enough. So lets call a spade a spade and admit the truth, I have fringe commitment issues. I can't commit to a fringe incorporated outfit for the life of me. Luckily I've found a remedy for my once solution less problem, this Spring and Fall's runway collections. 
     When I saw some of the Spring 2014 collections, I had a fringe epiphany. I had found my appreciation for fringe that I had been searching for since Gossip Girl season one. My favorite way fringe was displayed this spring is what I am referring to as built in fringe.  Instead of a light fringe overlaying the dress, designers like Roberto Cavalli are actually cutting thick fringe right out of the dress. Trés chic.  Not only was fringe present in clothing, but also in accessories. Celine and Valentino had some major fringe bags to offer.  In other fringe news, the very anticipated Kate Moss for Topshop collection, which is being released tomorrow on April 30th, features some great fringe jackets and dresses.
      So I guess fringe is in. I'm not sure how much fringe you will be seeing on me but don't let that stop you! Whether you go Gatsby or the wild west, try your best to venture into fringe territory this season. But please leave those fringe bathing suits at home, I think I'm going to make the call that we're over them.  

Make sure you check out Kate Moss x Topshop tomorrow for some fringe delicacies and so much more: 



Goodbye has never been so hard

    Here is my message to winter.  You're like that girl at the party that everyone wants to leave more than they want the DJ to play a Spice Girls song.  I hate to break it too you Winter, but this time the demand for a Spice Girls jam is higher than usual.  Take your snow, take your short days, and most definitely take your polar vortexes. Actually-- I hate to do this to you, but there are a few things you can leave for a little bit. Sorry. 
   I know, what could I possibly want from this horrible winter season?  As much as I get so excited for new pieces that come with the new seasons, sometimes I have a hard time getting rid of the old pieces.  The great thing about this weather period, at least where I live, is that it is getting warmer but it can stay pretty cold. And honestly when do fashion girls pay attention to the weather. So as my next installment in my Winter-Spring Transition period series, here are the winter pieces that I think can be incorporated into your Spring attire, if done correctly. 

    Half of you totally agree with me and the other half thinks that I am completely whack. Heres the thing. Fur is the epitome of chic, and I am just not ready to let that go for sandals. But who says that I have to? Here are my tips for wearing fur in the spring.
Less is More Rather than your grandmother's vintage floor length, I'd opt for a fur vest or collar.  Wearing large amounts of fur in the winter is totally cool, but not for spring. It's just to hot and to overpowering for spring.  Mongolian fur is perfect for spring because it looks pretty light and not too heavy.  Remember we wear the clothes, the clothes do not wear us.
Color Do not be afraid of wearing color fur. Last spring powder pink was a huge trend, thank you Dior! This year pale blue is a must color. So don't be afraid to be clad in a light pink fur vest or lavender fur collar. 
Sleeveless This is my favorite way to wear fur this spring, a fur vest with a sleeveless top or dress underneath. At first you might feel silly, but if its done right this look screams spring. 
Over The Knee Boots 

   Over the knee boots are like my vice. Whenever I pull them on, I feel fierce and unstoppable. I am going on record to say that my Stuart Weitzman 5050 boots are probably my favorite boots of all time. I lived in those boots this winter. Paired with a dress or a tunic, these boots look amazing for the spring. I mean how hot does B. Lively look?

What winter item will you be wearing this spring? Comment below!

*None of these pictures are mine.



How to Slide into Spring Subtly

    The other day I was perusing through some spring lookbooks when I saw one titled 'Springing into Spring!' Then a serious and dire question came to mind. Why are we springing into spring when we could be effortlessly stepping into spring? Its kind of awkward to go from giant anoraks and boots to pale pink dresses and espadrilles within days. While I find it important to be unique and to change it up, I want my style to be consistent. Going from winter to spring style with to much force can look like you are wearing a whole nother person's wardrobe. You don't want to be Rooney Mara one day and Lauren Conrad the next!  The main goal is to wear the clothes, and not let them wear you. A consistent yet unique and fun wardrobe allows you to do just so. So how exactly do we fluidly interchange our winter wardrobe to our spring wardrobe without being to abrupt. Here are my tips on smoothly and "effortlessly" (quotations around effortlessly because every fashion girl knows looking effortless is anything but effortless) moving from winter to spring wear. 
Boyfriend Jeans
     Ah, lets start with the boyfriend jean, you either love them or hate them. I was undecided until a couple of weeks ago where I tried on the first pair of boyfriend jeans that actually looked good on me. It was in that moment where I was once again reminded that looking effortless is indeed, not effortless. Because until that point, looking like I just chicly slid into my nonexistent boyfriend's jeans was quite difficult. I'm not sure if it was the way they perfectly slouched off my hips, or that the cuff hit the perfect place on my ankle, but they looked good. The light wash and distressed jean is Spring enough for me and appropriate for the weather in these awkward transition months. I live in the northeast and when I see girls wearing jean shorts or little pastel mini skirts in april, I shake my head in disbelief. Girls! It is April not August, Jeans are actually ok.  Pair these jeans with sandals, sneakers, ballet flats or even your booties from the fall. These jeans are season appropriate with a pale pink top if  you are ready for spring or a light black sweater if you are not quite there yet. 
 Black and White

     Black and white was a huge trend in a plethora of the 2014 Spring collections. Now let me tell you why this excites me as much as it does. My entire fashion life, I have been cursed/blessed with the 'Does it come in Black?' mindset. Yes, Black is classic, slimming and perfect for a wannabe edgy girl like me. But I often find myself in a rut, where all I wear is black! I love this monochrome spring trend because I can incorporate black pieces that I have been wearing all winter with spring/summer white pieces. The great part is you can commit as little or as much as you want. If wearing a full on white suit intimidates you than just wear the white blazer with a black silk cami and jeans. My absolute favorite part about this trend is the patterns that come with it. You can mix patterns for a whole outfit or just accessorize with a pattern bag. I will be sporting a lot of houndstooth this spring because I can shamelessly pretend that I'm wearing Balmain. Monochrome is the way to go for the girl that doesn't want to look like Easter threw up on her this spring and winter/spring transition period. 
White Oxford
    The white oxford is forever a classic piece. White button ups are crucial for the preppy girl, the edgy girl, and even the boho girl. Oxfords are interchangeable into most outfits. The layering aspect of these shirts makes them perfect for spring time. Leather jackets, jean jackets, sweaters, another button up, honestly anything looks good over top an oxford. And for when it gets warmer, the oxford makes an amazing shirt dress. 

Get ready for my next installment of  a Winter-Spring Transition Series! 


Necklines: Get Em High

Runway looks from Fall RTW 2014: (left to right) Pucci, Donna Karan, Balmain

     In my opinion a cool girl should always be caught up on the latest trends. So, when I was looking through the photos of the 2014 Fall RTW collections, I asked myself this question. How can I take the trends for the 2014 Fall season, and make them ready for the spring season? As I clicked through pictures of heavy anoraks, leather, and hobo chic coats, I found a trend that I love that is appropriate 'super cool' for the upcoming spring season. High neck line or halter tops. 
   My favorite thing about this neckline is that it is incredibly sexy without revealing any cleavage. This allows a cool girl to show skin in other areas like her legs, stomach, and back.  This look is perfect if you are looking to step up your side boob game (I know I am). I love these necklines with a super slick high pony tail. Here are great pieces from Asos that could easily be incorporated into anyone's wardrobe.

Photo ownership goes to Asos and Vogue.


The Messy Chop

None of these photos are mine.
       A trend I have been noticing quite a bit lately is what I have dubbed as the "messy chop".  For years, fashion darling Alexa Chung has been absolutely rocking shoulder length, blunt messy hair.  Last year, Karlie Kloss had a spread in vogue centered all around her new short hair, which was known as the "Karlie" or the "chop." Last year, it was all about short hair while this year it's all about short messy hair. Whether hair is "short" or not is, in all honesty, subjective to the opinion of the beholder.  But when I think of short, I think of anywhere between shoulder length and pixie.  So after the chop has been executed, the next step is the mess.  I love hair that has a messy wave or curl and extreme volume.  Layers also seem to be important when it comes to the messiness, if you will. I love this hair because it really edges up any outfit.  In my opinion, this cut is cool.  Could the messy chop be the new Rachel?  Unfortunately, this cut is one that I will not be sporting anytime soon. I was cursed/blessed with crazy curly hair and the shorter the hair, the more afro. So chop your hair, and let me live vicariously through you.