Cool Girl1  [ko͞ol-

- A girl or woman whom other girls want to be and or men want to date, all while seeming naturally unique.  Said 'cool girl' is usually a leader, not a follower. She is usually strong and feministic, all while not being overbearing. Cool girl wears cool clothes while listening to cool music and being interested in cool things. The most important part of a cool girl is that she is genuine.   
–verb,-girl·ing, -girl·ed.
to bring out your inner cool girl:
Girl 1: Look at that girl over there in those cool boots and floppy hat.
Girl 2: She is probably into 70's folk music and underground artists. I bet she has a nice laugh.
Girl 1: Ugh, I wish I was as cool as her

Synonyms- it girl, muse, idol

*This cool girl is not to be confused with the cool girl in the male perspective. You know the one that doesn't nag or care if the toilet seat is left up. This cool girl is in the perspective of men, women, children, and songwriters around the world.  

About This Blog
     Ah, The cool girl. I have spent most of my young adult years trying to be that cool girl.  We all remember the first cool girl we met that made us want to be as cool as her. Maybe it was in U.S History 2nd block, or the girl two grades above you that had a locker next to yours with gorgeous long hair and super worn in cowboy boots.  Mine was a camp counselor. She wore denim overalls and was outrageously funny. She would always tell us about her time abroad in Costa Rica and Australia or play us her favorite Hall and Oats song.  Although it may seem like I want to be my camp counselor, what I really want to be is the best me possible. And that is what being a cool girl is about. Being the best you possible all while inspiring others to do the same. Your Cool girl isnt necessarily real, maybe she is just a compilation of all things you think are cool.  My cool girl is probably different than your cool girl. Maybe your cool girl travels to European countries or plays the bass or is a die hard baseball fan. Whoever she is, let her inspire you everyday to be the coolest you possible.  
   So what you can expect from this blog is anything that I deem cool along my journey to become a cool girl. That is whether you care or not. While I will mostly write about fashion, I pretty much have no limit. Any thing that culturally or intellectually interests me, you can expect to see here. And Finally if my humor offends you, you can't say I didn't warn you! I have no filter, unless its Valencia or X-Pro II.    

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