How to Slide into Spring Subtly

    The other day I was perusing through some spring lookbooks when I saw one titled 'Springing into Spring!' Then a serious and dire question came to mind. Why are we springing into spring when we could be effortlessly stepping into spring? Its kind of awkward to go from giant anoraks and boots to pale pink dresses and espadrilles within days. While I find it important to be unique and to change it up, I want my style to be consistent. Going from winter to spring style with to much force can look like you are wearing a whole nother person's wardrobe. You don't want to be Rooney Mara one day and Lauren Conrad the next!  The main goal is to wear the clothes, and not let them wear you. A consistent yet unique and fun wardrobe allows you to do just so. So how exactly do we fluidly interchange our winter wardrobe to our spring wardrobe without being to abrupt. Here are my tips on smoothly and "effortlessly" (quotations around effortlessly because every fashion girl knows looking effortless is anything but effortless) moving from winter to spring wear. 
Boyfriend Jeans
     Ah, lets start with the boyfriend jean, you either love them or hate them. I was undecided until a couple of weeks ago where I tried on the first pair of boyfriend jeans that actually looked good on me. It was in that moment where I was once again reminded that looking effortless is indeed, not effortless. Because until that point, looking like I just chicly slid into my nonexistent boyfriend's jeans was quite difficult. I'm not sure if it was the way they perfectly slouched off my hips, or that the cuff hit the perfect place on my ankle, but they looked good. The light wash and distressed jean is Spring enough for me and appropriate for the weather in these awkward transition months. I live in the northeast and when I see girls wearing jean shorts or little pastel mini skirts in april, I shake my head in disbelief. Girls! It is April not August, Jeans are actually ok.  Pair these jeans with sandals, sneakers, ballet flats or even your booties from the fall. These jeans are season appropriate with a pale pink top if  you are ready for spring or a light black sweater if you are not quite there yet. 
 Black and White

     Black and white was a huge trend in a plethora of the 2014 Spring collections. Now let me tell you why this excites me as much as it does. My entire fashion life, I have been cursed/blessed with the 'Does it come in Black?' mindset. Yes, Black is classic, slimming and perfect for a wannabe edgy girl like me. But I often find myself in a rut, where all I wear is black! I love this monochrome spring trend because I can incorporate black pieces that I have been wearing all winter with spring/summer white pieces. The great part is you can commit as little or as much as you want. If wearing a full on white suit intimidates you than just wear the white blazer with a black silk cami and jeans. My absolute favorite part about this trend is the patterns that come with it. You can mix patterns for a whole outfit or just accessorize with a pattern bag. I will be sporting a lot of houndstooth this spring because I can shamelessly pretend that I'm wearing Balmain. Monochrome is the way to go for the girl that doesn't want to look like Easter threw up on her this spring and winter/spring transition period. 
White Oxford
    The white oxford is forever a classic piece. White button ups are crucial for the preppy girl, the edgy girl, and even the boho girl. Oxfords are interchangeable into most outfits. The layering aspect of these shirts makes them perfect for spring time. Leather jackets, jean jackets, sweaters, another button up, honestly anything looks good over top an oxford. And for when it gets warmer, the oxford makes an amazing shirt dress. 

Get ready for my next installment of  a Winter-Spring Transition Series! 

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