Goodbye has never been so hard

    Here is my message to winter.  You're like that girl at the party that everyone wants to leave more than they want the DJ to play a Spice Girls song.  I hate to break it too you Winter, but this time the demand for a Spice Girls jam is higher than usual.  Take your snow, take your short days, and most definitely take your polar vortexes. Actually-- I hate to do this to you, but there are a few things you can leave for a little bit. Sorry. 
   I know, what could I possibly want from this horrible winter season?  As much as I get so excited for new pieces that come with the new seasons, sometimes I have a hard time getting rid of the old pieces.  The great thing about this weather period, at least where I live, is that it is getting warmer but it can stay pretty cold. And honestly when do fashion girls pay attention to the weather. So as my next installment in my Winter-Spring Transition period series, here are the winter pieces that I think can be incorporated into your Spring attire, if done correctly. 

    Half of you totally agree with me and the other half thinks that I am completely whack. Heres the thing. Fur is the epitome of chic, and I am just not ready to let that go for sandals. But who says that I have to? Here are my tips for wearing fur in the spring.
Less is More Rather than your grandmother's vintage floor length, I'd opt for a fur vest or collar.  Wearing large amounts of fur in the winter is totally cool, but not for spring. It's just to hot and to overpowering for spring.  Mongolian fur is perfect for spring because it looks pretty light and not too heavy.  Remember we wear the clothes, the clothes do not wear us.
Color Do not be afraid of wearing color fur. Last spring powder pink was a huge trend, thank you Dior! This year pale blue is a must color. So don't be afraid to be clad in a light pink fur vest or lavender fur collar. 
Sleeveless This is my favorite way to wear fur this spring, a fur vest with a sleeveless top or dress underneath. At first you might feel silly, but if its done right this look screams spring. 
Over The Knee Boots 

   Over the knee boots are like my vice. Whenever I pull them on, I feel fierce and unstoppable. I am going on record to say that my Stuart Weitzman 5050 boots are probably my favorite boots of all time. I lived in those boots this winter. Paired with a dress or a tunic, these boots look amazing for the spring. I mean how hot does B. Lively look?

What winter item will you be wearing this spring? Comment below!

*None of these pictures are mine.


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