Cool Designer: Stone_Cold_Fox

     A couple of months ago, I found myself aimlessly tumblr scrolling.  While I was avoiding my AP work, I saw a photo of Candice Swanepoel wearing the most gorgeous tube top that I had ever seen. I searched endlessly for the designer but I had no luck. I wrote it off until a couple of weeks ago when I saw a similar tube top on Revolve. I found out that it was made by the same designer as Candice's. The label is called Stone_Cold_Fox and I am absolutely obsessed. I swore the label was Australian when I first visited their website. The Australian designers are kind of taking over. But I was wrong! The designers are about as American as me.  Aka very American. The girls behind the brand are the ultimate Cool Girls. I mean their names are Cydney and Dallas. That's cool.      
   What I love most about the clothing is that it is structured in the right places and flowy everywhere else. Boho designers tend to go overboard on flow. Flowy is effortless, but too much flow can be drowning. The tube tops are structured at the bust area which makes them crazy flattering and sexy. I am head over heels for Stone_Cold_Fox. Now I just need to pick up more shifts at work so I can buy all of their clothing.   
Candice Swanepoel and Lauren Paul clad in Stone_Cold_Fox looks:

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