Accessories to Murder

   So Coachella is long gone. The hype is over and I can finally check Instagram (shameless plug: follow me @whatsacoolgirl) without seeing mass amounts of flower crowns and indian head dresses.  While I'm all for festival fashion, those are the two items I say Coachella no to. But instead of focussing on the accessories I am not a fan of, I decided to put a spotlight on the accessories that frequent Coachella which I will be sporting all season long.
  My best friend calls any pair of sunglasses with mirrored lenses, hater blockers.  Her reasoning for this is that the haters can't see your eyes and therefore into your soul. Obviously, I'd have to agree with her. Not only do I love these babies for their hater obstruction, but they are also chic as hell.  Hand me a pair of Illesteva mirrored sunnies and I will beam with confidence brighter than the sun I'm being protected from.    

    In all honesty, what does the term "Statement Necklace" offer to us? Absolutely nothing. A necklace that makes a statement? Whether we like it or not, everything we wear wear makes a statement. So because I couldn't find a name for these necklaces and we all know how I feel about "statement necklaces," I decided to coin my own term. Which is quite ironic because I am calling them Les counterfeit necklaces. This would obviously be due to the fact that they hang with fake coins.  How punny am I?  If the look you are going for is a chest decadent in silver jingle, then you can thank me later. All summer long I'll be clad in this look layered with other necklaces.  Chokers on Chokers, homies.


  1. Great post :) I'll also be wearing counterfeit necklaces this summer, perfect festival wear!