Necklines: Get Em High

Runway looks from Fall RTW 2014: (left to right) Pucci, Donna Karan, Balmain

     In my opinion a cool girl should always be caught up on the latest trends. So, when I was looking through the photos of the 2014 Fall RTW collections, I asked myself this question. How can I take the trends for the 2014 Fall season, and make them ready for the spring season? As I clicked through pictures of heavy anoraks, leather, and hobo chic coats, I found a trend that I love that is appropriate 'super cool' for the upcoming spring season. High neck line or halter tops. 
   My favorite thing about this neckline is that it is incredibly sexy without revealing any cleavage. This allows a cool girl to show skin in other areas like her legs, stomach, and back.  This look is perfect if you are looking to step up your side boob game (I know I am). I love these necklines with a super slick high pony tail. Here are great pieces from Asos that could easily be incorporated into anyone's wardrobe.

Photo ownership goes to Asos and Vogue.

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