The Messy Chop

None of these photos are mine.
       A trend I have been noticing quite a bit lately is what I have dubbed as the "messy chop".  For years, fashion darling Alexa Chung has been absolutely rocking shoulder length, blunt messy hair.  Last year, Karlie Kloss had a spread in vogue centered all around her new short hair, which was known as the "Karlie" or the "chop." Last year, it was all about short hair while this year it's all about short messy hair. Whether hair is "short" or not is, in all honesty, subjective to the opinion of the beholder.  But when I think of short, I think of anywhere between shoulder length and pixie.  So after the chop has been executed, the next step is the mess.  I love hair that has a messy wave or curl and extreme volume.  Layers also seem to be important when it comes to the messiness, if you will. I love this hair because it really edges up any outfit.  In my opinion, this cut is cool.  Could the messy chop be the new Rachel?  Unfortunately, this cut is one that I will not be sporting anytime soon. I was cursed/blessed with crazy curly hair and the shorter the hair, the more afro. So chop your hair, and let me live vicariously through you. 

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