Girl Behind The Blog

At a Jim Hodges exhibit at an art gallery in Chelsea. I know, I'm so downtown.

      My name is Madeline but I usually go by Maddie.  I talk a lot. My mouth actually never stops running, so beware.  I started this blog as documentation of me aiming to be the coolest girl I can possibly. To learn more about the cool girl mission, visit my about page.  I am 17 years old and a junior in high school.  I know, ew, high school.  I like to think of myself as a born and breed fashion girl, thanks to my mom.  I was born in New York City and hopefully will be finding myself back there in the upcoming years.  I have an odd sense of humor. It tends to be very dry. I pride myself on trying very hard to be witty. Which is quite ironic because most witty people do not try to obtain wit, they just have it. Or so they say. I'm brutally honest but sometimes it just comes out as brutal. As a libra, I am quite concerned with the way things look and materialism. So come along with me for my materialistic journey. Occasionally though, I will surprise you with a deep thought or two. But for now lets just talk about Opening Ceremony's new collection.            

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